The Problem

In a hospital therapists and other clinicians need their patients to be sitting upright and working on rebuilding the core muscles during therapy. Typically, an additional therapist, nurse, or therapy technician is needed to manually support the patient during therapy for the weeks or even months of early recovery. This method is causes strain-related injuries for therapists and technicians, can be unsafe for patients, and is an inefficient use of time, causing a $3 billion annual pain point for the healthcare industry in the U.S.

The Solution

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In collaboration with our partner Spectrum Health, our team developed the SafetySit, an injury prevention product that can be set up on any hospital bed in under 30 seconds, eliminating the need for an individual to manually support patients during therapy. Therapists have been involved in every stage of design process from inception to ensure that the device perfectly addresses the pain points experienced by health care professionals everywhere. This product that solves problems for all three stakeholders, and improves early mobilization process recovery by:

Significantly reducing strain and injuries for health care professionals
Safely supporting patient during the transition to independent sitting

Addressing a $30.7 billion dollar pain point that every medical facility experiences