We've got your back.

30 Second Setup
1 Clinician
Minimal Force
Injuries Prevented
Estimated $30.7 Billion In Savings*
Praise for SafetySit

Spectrum Health

"Both the Innovations team and our clinical leadership and staff members are excited to support SafetySit's continued growth so that their product can help improve the quality of care for patients"
Scott Daigger, Manager of Innovation, Spectrum Health Innovations, LLC

U of M Hospital

"Finding people [to assist] was very difficult at University of Michigan. I had to go out of my way to ask someone to help. Staff had other things to do, including techs. It was impractical, had to wait most occasions, it was a first come first serve basis."
Dr. Aldernick, Ph.D. Engineering, M.S. Kinesiology

Physical Technician

"...with over ten years’ experience working in the hospital setting, I wish I had been able to use a product such as the Safety Sit with patients. Now that I’m in a position to help support my colleagues, there is no question that I would purchase the Safety Sit"
Don Packard, PT, MSPT